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Volans Design Hub employs an experienced team of licensed engineers of various professions with a goal to prepare all levels of project documentation within the environmental industry, primarily municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, drinking water treatment, solid waste management and gas treatment.

Volans Design Hub offers preparation of all levels of technical documentation according to the applicable law from Conceptual Design to Execution of Works as well as preparation of various studies and elaborations of data analysis in order to develop projects in accordance with modern technical solutions of high quality.


The company offers professional assistance and consulting services in all areas of environmental protection, including protection and treatment of wastewater, drinking water treatment, solid waste management and remediation of existing unsanitary landfills, waste gas treatment and others, in order to objectively and professionally review the existing situations, defining problems and finding the most optimal technical and technological solutions for solving problems.

Due to the specifics and complexity of problems that occur in these areas, company employs a large number of experienced experts from various fields, who are able to offer solutions that combine fundamental knowledge from different fields of natural and mathematical sciences, and their technical implementation. Professional and consulting services are offered in all phases of project documentation preparation, as well as during the monitoring of plant operation.


Technological procedures in different industries combine knowledge in the field of natural sciences and technology, and application and management of these processes is complex and requires a high level of knowledge and experience of experts from different fields.

The company offers the possibility of optimization of technological processes, both at the level of management of physico-chemical and biological processes, and at the level of optimization of hydro-mechanical and electrical equipment, connection and automation, all with the aim of better treatment, reduction of direct and indirect operational costs.


The development of technological processes applied in the environmental protection industry (municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, drinking water treatment, solid waste management, waste gas treatment) follows the accelerated development of various hydro-mechanical and electrical equipment, and the development of software systems for plant management and automation.

Our engineers are qualified and prepared for organizing regular and emergency maintenance activities for water/wastewater treatment plants.