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Water Projects
(DWTP, WWTP, Conveyance Systems)

Although water covers 2/3 of the Earth's surface and makes about 70% of all living things, global water resources are reducing, water is becoming an increasingly expensive and difficult resource to access, and protecting natural watercourses is an imperative of the present and future time.

The company is committed to development and implementation of projects in the field of environmental protection so, wastewater treatment toward surface protection of watercourses is one of the most important activities. Wastewater is generated daily and in all occasionally or permanently inhabited places, as well as in all types of production industry.

As wastewater is different in its qualitative and quantitative characteristics, the company employs experts and engineers of various professions who are able to review, collect the necessary data and critically evaluate them in order to select the best available technology (BAT-Best Available Technology) for treatment of specific wastewater.

Our team of experts can offer:

preparation of technical documentation for the treatment of both municipal and industrial wastewater

design supervision, commissioning, testing, monitoring of plant operation, adjustment and optimization of working process

preparation of feasibility studies, professional elaborations

consulting and engineering services in case of accidents, malfunctions or other extraordinary circumstances at existing facilities

Solid Waste

Solid waste management is a necessary type of environmental protection, given the large production of disposable packaging, their difficult decomposition in nature, easy spread and rapid disposal in nature.

Solid waste management is approached from the aspect of remediation of existing non-sanitary landfills and recultivation of terrain, as well as systematic solving of solid waste disposal, which includes primary and secondary selection of recyclable material, waste collection of special streams, separation and treatment of biodegradable waste and disposal of solid waste to the landfills, in a way that does not jeopardize the environment.

Our team of experts can offer:

preparation of technical documentation for Feasibility Study

preparation of projects for rehabilitation and remediation of existing non-sanitary landfills, sanitary landfill projects

preparation of all levels of documentation for the construction of transfer station for transshipment of municipal solid waste, facilities for secondary selection of recyclable waste and recycling yards

design supervision over construction, commissioning, testing, monitoring of plants, adjustment and work optimization

preparation of feasibility studies, expert elaborations and consulting and engineering services in the field of collection, treatment and disposal of solid waste

Technical Gases

In the field of technical gases, our team provides design and engineering services for:

mechanical and electical design

site management

precommissioning and commissionig activities


In this area, Volans Design Hub offers the design of irrigation system components such as water distribution channels, inlet buildings, pumping stations, distribution systems, accompanying energy facilities (transformer stations, electrical cabinets), as well as automation of the entire system.

Industrial Facilities

Volans Design Hub engineers and associates have devoted a lot of time to industry-related projects. Our previous experiences cover the automotive industry, cement plants, pharmaceutical industry, petrochemistry, gas processing.

Residential Facilities

Among our references you can find commercial, residential and special purpose facilities such as: schools, hotels, residential complexes, military facilities, flight controls, hospital buildings.